Bridge To SBA 504 Hybrid Loans

Introducing the Revolutionary “Bridge to a Better Place Loan”!

The BLC Bridge to SBA Hybrid loan program is truly revolutionary in that it blends the power of a quick close with the benefits of favorable long-term financing! Affectionately referred to as the “Bridge to a Better Place Loan”, the Hybrid program offers a blending of our Bridge Loans and our SBA 504 Loans, providing financing from $1,000,000 to $15 million for 51% or more business owner occupied properties. Simply put, if a business wants a loan to buy a property that they will occupy at least 51% of or refinance a loan on a property that the business occupies at least 51%, they are a potential candidate for the Hybrid program, also referred to as the bridge interim to SBA loan.

The Hybrid program generally applies to one of two scenarios, either it is a time-sensitive situation, or situation where the loan does not meet the SBA guidelines at the moment, but will qualify after certain milestones are met. And, the process for a Hybrid loan is simple, a standard application for a bridge loan is submitted while at the same time collecting the base documentation needed to assess and pre-qualify the loan for a long-term SBA 504 loan. Then, we parallel underwrite the file moving towards a quick closing on the bridge loan while assembling the file and all the necessary supporting items needed to secure SBA approval for the take-out of the Bridge Loan.

According to SBA regulations, bridge loans qualify to be refinanced provided it was for a short-term use, has interest only payments, and where the funds were originally used solely for the business borrower, making our Hybrid Bridge to SBA 504 loan a perfect financing solution for borrowers who want to close fast on a bridge knowing that a take-out solution is being underwritten in parallel!