Our Programs

Short Term Interest Only Bridge Loans

At BLC, we are experts in short-term bridge lending for time-sensitive, credit challenged, or non-confirming situations. Borrow from $1,000,000 to $20 million for business owner-occupied properties, investment properties, special-purpose properties, and transitional properties.

Long-Term SBA CDC / 504 Loans

At BLC, we have mastered the art of closing SBA 504 loans quickly and efficiently. Borrow from $1,000,000 to $11 million for 51% or more (60% or more for purchase) business owner occupied properties including standard business property classes and special use and purpose properties.

Bridge to Long-Term SBA 504 Hybrid Loan

At BLC, we have pioneered a revolutionary new program that allows borrowers to get the benefit of long-term favorable rate and term financing, while also being able to close quickly on an interim bridge loan while the long-term loan is being underwritten, providing a "have your cake and eat it" solution.