The BLC Prime Lending Fund, LLC

Part of the BLC Family of Companies


BLC Prime Lending Fund, LLC has been formed by BLC Fund Advisors, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company which intends to serve as Fund Manager, to provide investors with an opportunity to invest in real estate lending as an investment vehicle.

The Fund Manager believes there is a significant need for asset-backed financing for borrowers who maintain strong equity positions in real estate properties and the ability to service debt independent of their personal financial means.

The Originator of the Fund intends to underwrite loans primarily with an average LTV of 65%, however no individual loan shall exceed 75%. With the goal of providing income in the form of first lien mortgages and deeds of trust secured by real estate, as a way to mitigate downside protection. Strong borrower equity positions will be the goal of the Fund’s investment strategy.

The Fund Manager believes that regulated banks relying on the secondary market for the resale of their loans have made significant errors by not requiring more equity to be at risk on the part of borrowers. Also, due to the amount of red tape that often must be overcome in order to successfully achieve loan approval from a bank, real estate lending opportunities requiring shorter than normal time frames can be difficult for institutional banks to consider. The Fund Manager believes that these and many other situations have created the need and opportunity for private real estate funds such as the BLC Prime Lending Fund, LLC. The Fund Manager also believes that it is well positioned to create an attractive real estate lending investment opportunity by: (1) capitalizing on the shortcomings of institutional banking operations, (2) streamlining the funding process for transactions with short funding deadlines, (3) utilizing the Originator’s extensive knowledge and relationship network and (4) utilizing the Originator’s and Fund Manager’s established track records of prudent risk management disciplined decision making and strategic execution.